TITLE: Summer on Narin Beach

MEDIUM: Oil on Board
SIZE: 20 x 48 inches
PRICE: £1,495.00

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Stephen Whalley

Stephen Whalley is a man whose love and passion for art is immediately apparent
upon first meeting him. His enthusiasm spills out in a fast paced web of art related
tales and stories and his energy makes it impossible not to be drawn into the
excitement. He spends days surrounded by art books, pots, canvases and brushes
in a room initially called his office, but given the difficulty in finding and getting
to the computer, it has now taken on the title of studio.

In this space Stephen creates statement pieces of art which command the attention
of everyone in the room. The style he's currently working with has taken nearly
ten years to develop, but Stephen now feels confident and happy with it. Rightly
so, one might say, when he is selling so many, so frequently, to both collectors
and first time buyers alike.

Having completed a BA Honours in Design from the University of Ulster, Stephen
went on to set up his own construction and property development business. This
design background is very much apparent in his art and his attention to detail
focuses on the importance of line and form - an obvious interest in architecture
can be detected in each piece.

Stephen is one of few artists to admit, the people he admires and respects in
the art world have impacted his own artistic style. He says "By watching others
paint and enjoying their work I have amalgamated elements, that I particularly
like, into my own pieces and created a completely unique style."

Each piece of work comes together in much the same manner as his overall
painting style. The initial creative process is the gathering of "snapshot" style
images in his memory which can come from various sources of inspiration. These
are then pulled together to form a clear, original and unique image which he
begins to work towards, firstly putting down outlines in pencil and then adding
layers in paint until the initial image is staring back at him.

Naming Neil Shawcross and Ciaran Lennon as two of his main inspirations,
Stephen has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of contemporary and
traditional Irish artists and gladly uses this information to help interested buyers
find their perfect artist.

Much of the appeal in Stephen's work lies in the way he depicts areas of local
interest. He says, "...actually, many of our oversees buyers are originally from
Northern Ireland and often they take my paintings with them as a reminder of
home". Born and raised in Belfast it's perhaps no surprise Stephen should find his
local area great inspiration, in fact so much so, he's often to be found taking
walks along the coast in search of inspiration for his next project.

Through each painting Stephen is keen to give his audience something they can
relate to or recognise, while at the same time leaving an opportunity for personal
interpretation. Now, with his paintings firmly in the collectors league, maybe it's
this intrigue and his combined infectious enthusiasm which has positioned Stephen
as one of Ireland's most widely sought after, up and coming artists.